You are invited to a free morning workshop, on February 25th 2015, in London, to experience how The Decision Model (TDM) and the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) can assist your company in managing one of its most fundamental and valuable assets: the business logic that controls the thousands of automated decisions your company makes every week (or even every day).

In this ‘hands-on’, practitioner-led workshop you will learn — by exploring and manipulating real decision models —  how organisations can effectively articulate, communicate, change and control their business logic and the powerful opportunities this provides in eliminating inconsistencies in business policies and quickly changing them to exploit new business opportunities. You will understand how decisions lead to superior integration of business logic with business process. Taken together these allow TDM to deliver business agility and scalable, rigorous, enterprise decision management in a manner business rules alone cannot.

example of a low complexity decision model for determine loan eligibility

We will show, through a series of practical exercises, how companies can use The Decision Model (TDM) to analyse and model their business decisions as a scalable, coordinated structure of cooperating business rules with explicit dependencies and precise meaning. Also, TDM practitioners with years’ experience will introduce you to advanced techniques beyond the current TDM definition. We will show you how you can enrich TDM with some of the concepts of DMN. We will demonstrate how business subject matter experts can directly test and evolve their business logic without being bottlenecked by IT departments.

Join us as our guest speakers Dr Jan Purchase, a prominent and experienced practitioner of decision management and business rules in finance, and Suleiman Shehu, a thought leader in TDM and business performance management, discuss how to implement business rules and decision services using The Decision Model.

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You Will Learn:

  • how Decision Management, implemented using The Decision Model, can be used to optimise and improve the transparency of operational decision-making, controlled directly by process and business managers;
  • how TDM models can be deployed as Decision Services that are utilized by the BPMS, which automatically makes optimal and consistent operational decisions for the organisation
  • an overview of the Decision Model notation and its business advantages;
  • how, starting with a practical decision model based on a real project, you can use decision modelling to uncover flaws in your business logic;
  • via a practical exercise, how the agility of decision models makes them an ideal vehicle to maintain and optimise your business policies in the face of evolving competition and opportunities; and
  • some practical extensions to TDM, some based on DMN, which improves its use in large scale projects.

The practical exercises in this workshop will be performed by delegates using BiZZdesign Architect Decision Modeler software. BiZZdesign product experts will be on hand to help delegates get the most from this software.

Workshop Logistics

Join us as our experienced guest speakers discuss how to implement business rules and decision services using The Decision Model.

  • Date: Wednesday 25th February, 2015
  • Time: 8.30am – 1pm including registration and a networking lunch
  • Location: BiZZdesign UK, Portland House, Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5RS

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Dr Jan Purchase, has been consulting in investment banking for over 18 years and is an industry expert in the use of decision management, business rules, business rule management systems (BRMS) and business processes. He is the founder of Lux Magi, a company specialising in mentoring the application of BRMS, The Decision Model and Business Decision Management Systems to investment banking. He hosts a blog on these subjects.

Suleiman Shehu, CEO of Azinta Systems, has over 35 years in systems integration and is a thought leader in The Decision Model and its applications with business performance and strategic management.

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