Why should organizations invest time and effort to model their business decisions? What is the ‘bottom-line’ benefit?

Ahead of the publication of our joint book on Decision Modeling, to be released later this year, James Taylor and I have made a series of video shorts about business decision modeling. In this brief video, James and I talk about the advantages of modeling, including:

  • The practical benefits of the approach: time to market, transparency and improved requirements integrity.
  • How it improves communication among distributed teams of business analysts, subject matter experts and developers.
  • The gains of separating business decisions from business processes.
  • How decision modeling boosts the effectiveness of analytics, data needs analysis and change management.

Let us know what you think. Review the first post of this series. Find out more about decision modeling. Talk to us about decision modeling mentoring and training.

In our next post we’ll consider how to model decisions and why it’s best to use a standard.

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