Jan Purchase

Jan Purchase

Director and Founder, Lux Magi Ltd

Jan Purchase has been working in investment banking for 20 years during which he has worked with nine of the world’s top 40 banks by market capitalization. In the last 13 years he has focused exclusively on helping clients with automated Business Decisions, Decision Modelling (in DMN) and Machine Learning. Dr Purchase specializes in delivering, training and mentoring all of these concepts to financial organizations and improving the integration of predictive analytics and machine learning within compliance-based operational decisions.

Whilst engaged by Deutsche Bank, Dr Purchase managed and delivered the training of decision modelling to over 70 liquidity risk professionals across six teams distributed worldwide using courseware he developed. He also instigated a mentoring scheme for all six teams. Jan develops shallow and deep learning machine learning models in R and Python and is experienced with data wrangling, visualization and feature engineering in both platforms. He has a special interest in natural language processing (NLP) applications.

In December 2016 Dr Purchase published a book Real World Decision Modelling with DMN with James Taylor which covers their experiences of using decision management and analytics in finance. He also runs a Decision Management Blog www.luxmagi.com/blog, contributes regularly to industry conferences and is currently working on ways to improve the explainability of predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence using decision modelling.

Jan also contributes to conferences on decision management, such as Decision CAMP 2017 and Decision CAMP 2018, and has influenced the evolution of the DMN standard for decision modeling.