Lux Magi helps investment banks and other finance companies worldwide to improve the quality of their enterprise software architectures. We believe that systems that deliver business benefit can only do so if they are controlled effectively by the business. Finance architectures need to actively support this business visibility and control. Our services facilitate this using business processes, business decisions and business rules. We advocate, and are adept in, the use of The Decision Model for rigourous analysis and management of complex business logic.

Do your current enterprise systems support your business needs completely and effectively? Are they sufficiently agile to keep up with changes to your business processes? Are your business operation processes sufficiently automated and can you see, measure and control them directly? We can bring our many years of financial architecture experience to help you to:

  • Make Your Systems Easier to Change: externalise the financial business logic of your systems, making them easier to understand, modify and extend
  • Automate Your Business Logic: capture and systematize your operational business decisions, yet retain control over them
  • Directly Measure the Effectiveness of Your Automated Decisions: measure the business performance of your automation and optimise it
  • Improve Data Quality: bolster the internal consistency and completeness of your enterprise reference data
  • Increase Straight Through Processing Rates: control and reduce the exceptions that can necessitate manual processing
  • Optimise Reliability: lower the cost of, and incidents associated with, maintenance mandated by external changes
  • Enhance Data Accountability and Consistency: ensure that every output of your systems can be fully explained, understood and verified
  • Boost Run-Time Efficiency: Attain better scalability and work your hardware to its limits to achieve better throughput
  • Promote Consistency: Avoid unnecessary product silos in your architecture and migrate to a simpler more uniform approach

Our services can supply all of these advantages. Many of our most successful projects deploy Business Rules and Safe Agility.

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