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Jun 29, 2020 - Lux Magi's Jan Purchase is Invited Panellist at Decision CAMP 2020

Lux Magi’s Jan Purchase appeared as an invited panellist at 2020’s virtual Decision CAMP. Decision CAMP is a leading conference for practitioners of business decision management, decision modeling and AI. Jan will be discussing the future of DMN the Decision Model and Notation and how it might better support decision interpretability and machine learning.

Sep 17, 2019 - Lux Magi's Jan Purchase is Invited Panellist at Decision CAMP 2019 in Bolzano

Lux Magi’s Jan Purchase appeared as an invited panellist at Decision CAMP in Bolzano, Italy. Decision CAMP is a leading conference for practitioners of business decision management, decision modeling and AI. Jan will be discussing the future of DMN the Decision Model and Notation and how it might better support machine learning.

Jun 1, 2019 - Lux Magi Machine Learning Practice Opens

Lux Magi is proud to announce the opening of our Machine Learning and Analytics Practice. Consultants in this practice can help your company to benefit from the powerful harmony of business decisions empowered by machine learning. Learn more about the benefits of this partnership and how decision management mitigates many of the risks of machine learning projects.

Sep 18, 2018 - Presentation: Explaining the Behaviour of Black-Box Analytics with Decision Models
Join us at Decision CAMP 2018 in Luxembourg, as we explore techniques in machine learning that allow decision models to be used to explain and document the behaviour of predictive analytics, machine learning estimators and AI modules.

Our presentation Explaining the Unexplainable: Using DMN to Justify the Outcomes of Black-box Analytics shows, by example, how DMN decision models can be used to explain the behaviour and outcomes of classification analytics and explains the pros and cons of the approach.

Sep 17, 2018 - Presentation: Ultra High Performance Decision-Making
Join us, and partners RapidGen, at Decision CAMP 2018 in Luxembourg, as we uncover some of the challenges and techniques of implementing very high speed decisions in performance critical applications.

Our presentation High-Performance Decision Model Execution by Compilation of DMN into Machine Code will show why performance is increasingly important as market requirements, multiplying data sources and ever more sophisticated business needs conspire to increase the processing burden for decisions. We’ll explain how mega-decisions per second can be realised on modest hardware and give a performance demonstration of a complex 50-node, financial decision in DMN.

January 2018 - Lux Magi Release New DMN Training Courses
Lux Magi are proud to announce a new family of Decision Modeling and Management Training Courses, available now.

From better integration of predictive analytics into a business  process to improving the transparency and agility of your business’s key decisions, there has never been a better time to learn Decision Modeling and Decision Management.

Oct 19, 2017 - Webinar: Overcoming the Challenges of Financial Decisions with DMN
On October 19, 2017 Lux Magi, in conjunction with business partner Trisotech, presented a Webinar “Overcoming the Challenges of Financial Decisions with DMN”. We showed how decision modeling helps in regulatory compliance and provided a live demo of Trisotech DES DMN Modeler in action on a regulatory compliance decision model.
Jul 31, 2017 - Announcement: Our New Partnership with RapidGen
Lux Magi is proud to announce its partnership with RapidGen, designers of the high-performance DMN execution engine, Genius.

Lux Magi, decision management consultancy and co-contributor to the most comprehensive book on decision modeling with the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard, is proud to be a RapidGen Partner.

RapidGen’s experience of very-high performance decision engines and optimized decision table compilation is a perfect complement for our decision management training, consultancy and architecture offering. Together we help clients to model, manage and execute their decision-making with accuracy, transparency, scalability and efficiency. We feel that the power of decision modeling is not only in accurately and concisely expressing business decision-making, but in model-driven generation of executable systems from DMN.  We are particularly impressed by the execution performance of the latest version of the RapidGen Genius DMN execution engine which promises to make accountable, transparent and high-volume processing of corporate decisions a reality.
Jan Purchase, Director and Founder, Lux Magi Ltd.

RapidGen Genius will enable companies using decision management and decision modeling in DMN to directly deploy their decision models into a ultra-fast execution environment. Find out more about RapidGen on our partner’s page.

Jul 13, 2017 - Presentation: Lessons Learned Applying DMN to Large Projects
Jan Purchase and James Taylor co-hosted a presentation, “Mind the Gap: Lessons Learned in the Application of DMN to Large Projects”, at DecisionCAMP 2017 on July 13, 2017. We covered some of the challenges of using decision modeling at scale and how we overcome them. See here for more details and to view the presentation.
Jun 21, 2017 - Webinar: Regulatory Compliance Using Decision Management
Lux Magi presented a Webinar “Effective Regulatory Compliance Using Decision Management”, in conjunction with business partner, Signavio, on June 21, 2017. We explored the use of decision modeling in regulatory compliance and illustrated the benefits with an example. See here for more details and the recording.
Nov 30, 2016 - Launch of Our Book on Decision Modelling
Lux Magi’s Jan Purchase, in collaboration with James Taylor, is proud to announce the recent publication of his new book “Real World Decision Modeling with DMN”. The book is published by Meghan-Kiffer Press and is the most comprehensive guide to decision modeling and DMN currently available.

This comprehensive and incredibly useful book offers a wealth of practical advice to any-one interested in decision management and its potential to improve enterprise applications. Using a blend of user case studies, patterns, best practices and pragmatic techniques, Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN shows you how to discover, model, analyze and design the critical decisions that drive your business!

David Herring, Manager of BPM & ODM Delivery at Kaiser Permanente.

Read our blog article to find out more.

You can get two chapters of this comprehensive book – consult our white paper listings for a free download.

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