DMN and Decision Management Training

Lux Magi has been delivering decision management and modeling consultancy since 2011 and is one of the most experienced companies in the field today. All of our training staff are tried and tested consultants with at least four years’ experience ‘in the field’ – we don’t believe in using junior consultants or those that only work in training.

We are happy to announce the latest version of our training course (updated for DMN 1.2) which we believe is the most comprehensive guide to the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) syntax, best practices and decision management methods available today. Don’t take our word for it, look at our client ratings below.

Our training philosophy is to downplay the ‘chalk-and-talk’ element of training in favour of interactive exercises and group workshops that convey the real experience of decision modeling and decision management in practice. The scenario-based approach aims to give delegates an authentic experience of applying decision modeling in realistic situations.

Our Course at a Glance

  • Available in standard 4-hour and 1-day introduction options
  • Also available in configurable 2-, 3- and 4-day options
  • Features up to 40 graded, practical exercises of ascending levels of difficulty
  • Engaging mixture of presentation, quizzes, exercises and open, scenario-based workshops
  • Customized to fit the client’s business domain
  • Every Delegate receives a free copy of our book Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN
  • Available on-site and via the web

Our Presenters


So far, clients have rated the level of knowledge and ability to explain concepts of our presenters at 100%

Client Feedback


Communicated the fundamentals very well and illustrated how rapidly DMN could scale in complexity to achieve powerful results.

Course Materials


We have achieved satisfaction ratings for our course delivery and course materials of 95% and 93% respectively.

Client Feedback


Highly knowledgeable presenter who was clear in all his explanations. I liked the practical exercises and best practices the most.

Questions Answered


When it came to answering difficult, real-world questions, client delegates awarded our instructors a 95% rating.

Client Feedback


Was very open to interruption and questions; training flowed well

Client Feedback


Instructor demonstrated vast experience in his ability to answer every question very clearly.

Client Feedback


Covered a bespoke range of topics, directly suited to the class.

Client Feedback


Training was relaxed, informative and interactive.

Client Feedback


Great manner and deliberate presentation style. Didn’t shirk any questions.

Client Feedback


Presenter was extremely knowledgeable. I learned a large amount in just two days.

Client Feedback


Enthusiastic presenter got us to do exercises and not only showed correct answer but walked through it.

Course Content

  • Comprehensive coverage of DMN 1.2 Compliance Level 3
    • Decision Requirements Diagrams
    • Decision Tables
    • FEEL Expressions
  • Optional Modules
    • Advanced Guide to FEEL with Exercises
    • Decision Modeling Best Practices
    • Integration with Business Processes
    • Integration with Analytics, Machine Learning, AI
    • Decision Management Methods